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Hario Coffee Hand Grinder Skerton

This hand grinder has been designed by Hario to provide coffee lovers with an inexpensive means to have freshly-ground coffee, even while traveling with a light load. Small, lightweight, and portable, the Skerton is the ideal hand grinder for the traveling coffee enthusiast, or the home enthusiast on a limited budget.

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For someone on a budget who cannot afford even the cheapest electric grinder, this is the way to go. Instructions are in Japanese, but assembly and adjustment is intuitive and simple. The adjustment is 'stepped', held firm by a two tined washer that slips over the adjustment screw. One step equals .009 in. There is a small plastic washer that fits between the adjustment screw and the hopper, so be careful not to lose this when taking the grinder apart. This washer measures .030 in. and can be replaced by a slightly thicker (.035 in.) one to achieve a half step adjustment.

This grinder will choke a machine at the finer settings, so it's very capable of espresso or turkish grind and is extremely consistent. Due to the lack of adjustment markings, can be difficult to switch between fine and coarse grinds without needing to dial it back in. Take notes on the number of 'steps' from tight to help with repeating your adjustments. Clumping is not a problem. You get fluffy, even grounds with 70 to 100 turns for about 17 grams of coffee at a fine grind setting. At coarser settings for french press or drip, the grind size becomes inconsistent, due to the excessive play between the hopper and the shaft of the moving burr. Modifications are possible to eliminate this problem.

The catch container is glass, with a large profile, so if you have small hands, holding the base while turning could be difficult. The hopper is plastic, with no cover, so chards can fly out when grinding. This can be remedied by modifying a small butter lid to use as a cover. The grinder comes with a screw on lid for storing beans on a trip, and has an inset for holding the hopper while dosing. The catch bin fits a 53mm or larger portafilter basket perfectly for no mess dosing directly from the catch bin. I have found no need for applying distribution techniques when dosing this way. Just dose, tamp and go.

Cleaning is extremely easy, all parts are dishwasher safe. There is no grind retention and little to no static. If any grinds hang up on the burrs, just a light tap will shake them free. The conical burrs are ceramic, very durable and also easy to clean and maintain.

From coffeegeek.com's user review.