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Cafede Kona Clever Coffee Dripper

Clever Coffee Dripper. You get full flavor extraction and good body every time.
With BPA free Eastman TRITAN Plastic

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We are really excited about this filtercone; it greatly improves the quality of the coffee you brew and it is so simple!

This design features more durable plastic, and is easy to disassemble for cleaning. Like all filtercone brewing methods, you directly control the temperature of the water, ratio of water and coffee and infusion time. The dripper will fit on most cups and thermoses.

BPA-free Plastic. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. In essence, the Clever Coffee Dripper combines the best features of French press and filter drip brewing, eliminating the drawbacks of each. With French press brewing, you have control over steeping time, but heat loss and sediment in the cup can be a problem.

Brewing with a paper filter is easy and convenient; the problem is lack of control over steeping time (i.e. the coffee begins to drain immediately). By adding a stopper to the filtercone, the Clever Coffee Dripper combines control over steeping time with a sediment-free cup. We call this a "full immersion brewing" method. #2 sized filters work well with this but they will stick up a little higher than the dripper's rim. A #1 filter will sit about a 1/4" below the rim which could allow for grinds in your cup.

The dripper will fit on cups with tops wider than 1.5" and less than 3.75" in diameter. BPA-free Plastic. It doesn't come with a lid, but it does come with a coaster that is almost big enough to function as a lid. This brewer holds a total of 11 fluid oz. but when allowing room for the ground coffee, you will only be able to pour in about 10.6 fluid oz of water, yielding a 10 fluid oz cup of brewed coffee. It's 5.25" wide and 4.75" tall. We feel this smaller Clever dripper brews the perfect amount for one person or 2 people who like to drink smaller amounts at a time.