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Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Hand Grinder

Hario Skerton Pro is a new and improved version of the extremely popular Hario Skerton Coffee Hand Grinder.

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The Skerton Pro seeks to improve consistency with a stabilized upper burr and a spring loaded lower burr while moving the grind adjust to lower burr assembly for easier adjustments. 

Ergonomics also see an improvement with a wider silicone grip for easier grinding,

Product info:

  • Burr stabilizers - A grind shaft bushing and lower burr spring helps to keep the grind more consistent at courser settings.
  • Stepped Grind Adjust - Skerton Pro moves it's grind adjust below the burrs for easy access to grind adjustments.
  • Reinforced Handle - A solid cast hexagonal grinder handle feels sturdier and greater ergonomics 
  • Silicon Grip - Wider silicone grip makes it more easier to grip and stable while grinding.