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Iberital Intenz

Function meets seduction - made to satisfy the most demanding tastes

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The Iberital Intenz is designed to withstand intensive use and meet high performance expectations.


  • Boiler capacity:
    1GR – 6L
    2GR – 10.5 - 14L
    3GR – 20L
  • Electrical element:
    1GR 1,800W - 2,400W
    2GR 3,000W - 3,800W
    3GR 5,000W - 6,000W
  • Front opening for easy access to the interior of the machine.
  • Central tap for boiler emptying.
  • 25A static relay and contactor (optional).
  • Lever steam taps (optional).
  • Splash-free hot water outlet.
  • Automatic filling of boiler water.
  • Built-in heating element protection.
  • Built-in pump motor.
  • Dimensions:
    Iberital Inttenz 1GR: 476mm (Length) x 585mm (Depth) x 451mm (Height)
    Iberital Inttenz 2GR: 790mm (Length) x 585mm (Depth) x 451mm (Height)
    Iberital Inttenz 3GR: 964mm (Length) x 585mm (Depth) x 451mm (Height)
  • Weight:
    1GR 38 kg
    2GR 51 - 60 kg
    3GR 69 - 74 kg
Iberital Intenz