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Iberital IB7

Superior Barcelona designed and made espresso machine for commercial environments.

Please call +603 7725 3633 for more info.

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The IB7 has been created to make the perfect coffee in a limited space. A machine with a smart, compact design that retains the robustness and durability of all Iberital products. The missing piece of the puzzle that hits perfectly into your bar.

Functional, Reliable, Powerful &Smart

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  • Boiler Capacities 1 Group: 6Lt 2 Groups compact: 10.5Lt 2 Groups: 10.5Lt 3 Groups 20Lt
  • Weight 1 Group: 37kg 2 Groups compact: 54kg 2 Groups: 61kg 3 Groups 79kg
  • Heating Element 1 Group: 1800W 2 Groups compact: 3000W 2 Groups: 3000W 3 Groups 5000W