Hario and Coffee Ritual

Hario, leading the third wave.

All over the world, leading cafés prefer Hario products in their brew bar.

Since 2003, Coffee Ritual has deployed the now discontinued Hario's KCA series Syphon Coffee Makers in our brew bar. The coffee maker has make brewing coffee such a fascinating experience for our customers and making syphon brewed black coffee a fashion statement.

Today, we see many leading third wave cafés has chosen Hario's products for their brew bar, for example, the Hario Syphon range of products and the Hario V60 system range of products.

Coffee Ritual, as one of the earliest café serving syphon brewed coffee is also facilitating other cafés to deploy the concept into their café. We stock the widest range of Hario's products, parts as well as other related products for a syphon and V60 system brew bar. Please check out our web store from time to time for the latest product updates.