Coffee Beans

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Coffee Beans

Brew the best possible coffee with recently roasted and instantly grounded coffee in your home kitchen or workplace.


  • Highlander Coffee

    Highlander Coffee was started by brothers Phil and Cedric Ho in early 2004 in Singapore. The business was initially supplying wholesale coffees and machines to offices and cafes. In 2006, the company started to roast their coffees inhouse and retailed their own signature Supremo Blend. Today, the Supremo Blend is the hot favorite serve in many espresso bar, homes and offices.

  • DeGayo Coffee

    Hand picked single origin premium grade arabica coffee beans from the natural rainforests and volcanic fertile soil of the Gayo highlands in Central Aceh passionately done the "Ratawali" way where "all in family" when it comes to savouring a delicious cup of Java.